Superman’s Failure

Photo credit: Gareth Simpson

Washing the world of sin

Pushing myself off the sidelines

Like the Superman I dream of

Achieving the impossible

Working wonders for the poor

While preserving the rich that

Act as the turning cogs of society

But even as the Man of Steel

Not everything, everyone could be saved

As it takes more than one person

To make the world a better place

And more than one time a distressed citizen

Would be calling out for help while me,

The greatest human ever lived,

Would be on the other end of a busy signal

I found this great article on Quora about how Superman comes to accept that he can’t possibly save everyone, but can try to shape the world in his favor. He would presumably have to use every power known to him to keep the world at peace, fighting crime everyday, subjecting himself to the horrors and demises of the human population.

I see homeless people on street corners every day, holding up signs asking for food and money. It’s always a quick drive by them, because I don’t believe in this kind of helpless begging. There are many ways to get help in this world, such as going to food banks or making money by giving plasma (if you are healthy enough). The only things these helpless vagabonds will mostly likely do,  according to me, if anyone ever gave them money was buy drugs or alcohol with it because they don’t have the support to actually go and make their lives better. They are already depressed enough and don’t have any structure.

Outside of the car, I’ve walked by these kinds of people on the street, and the only thing I can do is try to offer my piece of sympathy for them and only hope that they find happiness some day. Maybe if I had lots of money, I could help the poor, get the beggar off the street and buy them a house, get them a job. Of course, even all of that wouldn’t change who they really are inside and they would likely go back to the same self-destructing lifestyle and end up homeless again. In the end, some people just can’t be helped because they like others to feel sadness and pity for them. They want to believe that God can save them and will do anything they can to preach that to the world. Giving them money and food only serves to boost their pathetic neediness and that’s something I don’t want to be apart of.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy