Winter is anew
Sunshine blotted out
Ready for a cold nap

The New Horizon

Summer Haze – Transitions


Spring days are ending
Slipping into summer’s grip
At volcano’s edge

This summer loving
The taste so sweet, so sugar
Like nectar honey

Give me the Bright sun
Shine down on electric water
Shift the desert sands

Seasons in the Sun


The pool is closed up for the winter, the tarp tautly stretched, but will soon be back in action for another summer of refreshing swims. It looks so lonely and depressing when all of the chaise lounges and tables are gone. I have been going to this pool for several years now and there are many memories to be taken from there. It was the inspiration for my very first blog post in fact. I like how the sky makes the scene look rather timeless. In the first photo, you can see the sun setting behind the tall tree on the far left of the picture. One of the bars in the gate is bent, and makes it look like this place has been abandoned and neglected for sometime.

Post title inspired by the Terry Jacks song. A lot of my post titles are inspired by song titles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

B is for Buried

Marching evergreens
Ocean of cold deep snow.
Buried bench blanket
Sun rays shine down over white
Two-toned landscape everywhere.

April A to Z Challenge

Drops of January

PTDC0011 PTDC0012 PTDC0014 PTDC0015 PTDC0016

The onset of January has finally come
The branching are freezing
The air is becoming numb
As I was walking northward
Towards an icy hill
I saw these trees
That were surrendering to the chill
The little brown pods
That had not fully bloomed
Being encased in an envelope of water
Waiting impatiently for Spring to loom
This is the winter that I always envision
Not the bare green of last December
That was still could for fishing
The time has come
It’s time to get on with season
Time for a long run of snow and ice
I’ll enjoy the chipper blue freezing

Photo 101: Day 13 – Moment

How could I forget about these series of pinwheel pictures I took yesterday? I tried once to capture the spinning motion of a pinwheel but didn’t take enough shots and just got the pinwheel at rest. Well, my experimentation with pinwheelogy paid off because I clearly captured blurring and movement, creating something I never expected.

PTDC0461 PTDC0462 PTDC0463 PTDC0465 PTDC0466 PTDC0474 PTDC0471 PTDC0470 PTDC0469 PTDC0468