The Walk Alone

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I walk alone
The shadows in the valley
Misunderstood creature of the night
I bask in darkness
Void of light
The odd one out
I walk alone


Step Into the Light

Cartoon Overcast

It’s the final day of this action packed poetry course once again and I feel as if I’ve gained much more experience and confidence in pulling off my inner Shakespeare (or what I think I’m like but actually am not…) Fittingly, the final assignment is the most badass and ruthless form of poetry – the sonnet. This is the second sonnet I’ve written in my entire life, which I think was crafted better than the first.

Sonnet No. 1 and a half

Go my friend – go and find your lighted path
That leads you out of the
Shadows of despair
And life’s futile escape
Bask in the glory of
A power higher than your
Mortal magistrate
As the wolf’s lone moon wanes away

So blinded by life’s
Unbalanced nature
Between rigidness and humor
Now, go and catch the dragonflies
And bring back your earnest dignity
Paint a pompous portrait of what you always yearned to be

Writing 201: Day 10 – Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe