Tabbybug: A New Zodiac Sign

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

So you put me in charge of creating a new sign for people born around my birthday (August 28)? Am I really that special that I get to lodge a part of my existence into the Zodiac all based on me? What made you grant me this precious right? OK, if you want to play with fire, I’ll whip something up in the fantastical, whiz banging, smoke snaring, whirry wheeling lab I call my mind.

I was born at the end of August. My sign is Virgo. Which in the Zodiac is a picture of a virgin for which I still am (sadly but at the same time happily). It is the sign associated with earth. The last immortal to abandon earth at the end of the Silver Age, when the gods fled to Olympus. And I will be the last one to abandon home for real once I sail off to university in Kalamazoo.

I’m a blank slate. What sign could be about me? I guess you could say I’m a cat person, I love cats (friendly ones, of course), so my sign would be something to do with a cuddly house animal, but we already have a sign associated with a cat, the lion sign of Leo. What if I combine Virgo with Leo and get Veo or Lirgo? Stupid, I know. No, keep thinking…


I’m a shutterbug, a fanatic of taking pictures. How about a bug sign and name it after the God of Light, Lucifer (which is interesting because that name is usually associated with darkness) because of the obvious association of light with picture taking? Sure, parents would be wary of having their children being born on the zodiac cycle of Lucifer but would it really matter? It’s a sign made up by me and has no connections to the sky, history, or demonic possessions. OK, just to make it SFWU (Safe for Worldly Use), the sign could be called Heylel, which is the Hebrew translation of Lucifer.

What sign could be used to describe someone who is strong and silent, such as myself? Harpocrates is the god of silence, so there’s another possibility. Couple that with a strong god like Hercules and you get the sign of Harpocules or Herpocrates (which sounds similar to an infectious disease).

So all together, my sign would describe someone who is loving and gentle, creative and adventurous, not entirely vocal all the time but is very confident inside without making it apparent to the world.

A Veofercrates Tabbybug (as recently suggested by Mrs. Angloswiss, named after her famous cat! But since I also have a cat named that is similar to a tabby, this goes hand in hand).

“Now, all you Tabbybugs (or Tabbys), assemble at my side and rise up and fight the rest of the Zodiac that now pales in comparison to my awesomeness!”

Daily Prompt 10/28/14

WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives

0213 Saving A Life

This picture was taken back in February 2014 at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan where my family and I go to donate plasma (the pale-yellow, mainly water portion of the blood) and earn about sixty dollars per week on two separate days: $20 on the first and about $40 on the second. At the time I was working on a 365 day photo project and this sign seemed like a great addition to the mix. The photograph means something special to me because my family and I are actually saving people’s lives (in a fragmented way) by supplying various hospitals and clinics with the essential components from our donated plasma, including proteins and antibodies, needed to make certain life-saving medicines. This is a multibillion dollar worldwide business that is viewed both strongly and negatively by various organizations because of the immediate dangers of pathogenic diseases such as AIDS/HIV being spread through the blood, tainting the plasma, and infecting patients receiving it but this seems to be under control. Continue reading “WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives”