A Fizzy Memory

My earliest memory, as best as I can recall, is drinking my first can of soda, Surge, which has recently made its return to stores everywhere (back in September 2015 that is, not sure if it’s been pulled off shelves since). This is like the more “grungier”, less corporate version of Mountain Dew (the logo says it all) and I remember it definitely containing a lot more sugar and being on the level of an energy drink.  Actually, you can find many brands of citrus flavored soda in stores that probably taste the same as Surge or Mountain Dew and not tell the difference, even if you were blindfolded.

One day mom brought home about two cardboard crates (used for mass production) of a variety of off brand soda. The first time I popped open a can of this 90s drink and heard the fizzzz, I instantly felt cool. But even back then I knew too much carbonated beverage was not good for you, so of course I went easy on it.

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited 

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

C is for Coca-Cola

“What’s red and white and black all over?”

“I don’t know, a painted zebra?”

“Everyone in Japan drinking a Coca-Cola.”


Coca-Cola is a soft drink that probably has the most storied history of any nationally recognized brand. It was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in May 1886 in his backyard and sold only a few days later in the local drug store. One of the interesting things about this drink is that up until 1905 it actually contained trace amounts of cocaine, hence the “coca”, and the original recipe contained kola-nuts. It was originally used as a medicine to treat ailments. Here is an interesting video I found on YouTube for Coke:

Movies that have featured Coca-Cola in scenes:

  • The Mystery of the Leaping Fish, 1916
  • The Breakfast Club, 1985
  • Body and Soul, 1947
  • Dr. Strangelove, 1964

Other inventions that start with the letter C:

  • Cabbage Patch Kids – invented by Xavier Roberts in 1976
  • Celsius thermometer – invented by Anders Celsius in 1742
  • Cash Register – invented by John Ritty in 1883
  • Cellophane film – invented by Jacques Brandenberger in 1908

Haiku for Coca-Cola:

Streaming red and white

Refreshing like crashed on waves

Movie superstar

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