Hurricane Matthew

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One of the worst storms in recent history is tearing up the east coast of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Getting up to Category 4 status, Hurricane Matthew has caused major headlines. Over 500 people have been killed in Haiti so far. I don’t think there has been a hurricane that has caused this much damage since Sandy in 2012. It is the first hurricane I have witnessed bearing my name. Talk about giving myself a bad name for future generations. With the hurricane as deadly as it is, though not as bad as Katrina, the name will be retired to the list of legendary storms of past, never to be used again. Talk about legacy.

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The hurricane happened to gain widespread coverage just as I was finishing up my plasma donation routine as I do every week. Before I started donating, I accidentally ticked someone off in line, not that I knew I did. The person ahead of me was called to a section; I happened to accidentally start following him to the bed. He suddenly got angry and quote on quote said “I’m telling you, my hand is sweating, I’m going to punch him in the face.” Well, that was shocking. I didn’t do anything wrong and was just minding my own business to say. I told the person that does my needle sticking that he said that, right after she immediately noticed something seemed to be bothering me. The guy was called out and obviously told to leave the center before his bottle got filled. I never saw him again.



We are the storm chasers

The ones who take the dares

Rearing our head in the face of danger

Enjoying a good thrill

The chill


Of the horror-struck night

Shattered into a million shards


Flip of the Switch


All was going good

All was shining bright

Then a shotgun blast

And the hail fell down

With the ferocity of a dragon’s breath

Flip of the Switch

Nature’s Immortality

Last night, a raging storm was happening outside my front door. I went outside into the thunder and rain to take pictures of the sight. First I was going out there barefoot with no coat on, retreating back inside to fix my error. I have to say I’m the only one around here who does any kind of photo taking, feeling the extreme loneliness but peace of calm about being able to explore my hobby without distractions, everyone else staying inside like the boring souls they always are.
Into the Storm
Into the Storm PTDC0046Into the StormSunset Over WaterDark SkiesI couldn’t get any lightning strikes because I can never anticipate them coming, unless I start counting after each sound of thunder but that’s still tedious and boring. I tried counting but gave up after over 120 counts.

We are mortal to nature’s force,
Can’t control the skies,
Underneath lightning and rains,
The call of the heavens cries

Humans, mere beings,
The cosmos, extreme seeing
Short lifespans we are,
The skies live on for millennia,
By and behold more powerful, by far

I heard the thunder roar,
Saw the crack, the electric bolt
Feeling slightly afraid,
But brave I was, tall and bold

Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door and DP: Finite Creatures (2)

I responded to this prompt back in October 2014 when I was just starting out as a consistent blogger. Check it out here.

One Word Photo Challenge: Storm


Rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down



It may have been just a light rainstorm in which I captured photos for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge this week, but nevertheless, I captured the beauty and essence of rain/water.

During another one of my photography walks around the park, rain falling on my head, I captured scenes that would describe what a storm is like.  The raindrops on the leaves left after the light rainstorm, a few clinging to the last reds of Spring. The flag reflecting in the puddle left on the ground. The water rushing into the stormdrain at a ferocious rate. It was quite a dreary moment, my head getting soaked, and the place quite silent except for some cars passing through the puddles on the road, making splashing sounds as I walked by on the sidewalk, hoping to not get drenched in humility.

The last picture is of an oncoming storm from last year. The clouds overhead are monstrous and cast a gloomy shadow over the city below.

There happens to be a storm occurring right now just outside my window. I wish I could provide a soundbite of it.