Dry Goods – A to Z Foods 2016

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Bread, flour, sugar, confectionersĀ sugar, mashed potato flakes. What could go wrong with these ingredients? Oh, I guess you could try to turn your little sister into a cake while she sleeps in her crib, like me and my older sister did when we were younger. It’s been exaggerated so much now that no one knows what to believe anymore, to the point that we were intending to put her in the oven šŸ˜¦

A to Z Challenge 2016

One Word Photo Challenge: Chocolate

WIN_20141024_004058 (2)

Chocolate Shoes

Chocolate Dresser


Mocha Cat

Owl Purse

1024140034-00 (2)

One Armed Bear

Caramel and Chocolate Syrup

I’m a guitar manĀ 

With my brown dusty shoes

And everything else

That pulls off the chocolately blues

Challenge Accomplished