Another Tomorrow


Sunny day is drifting in through the wide open window

A hot glow of warmth filling the room, dust bunnies rolling in the air

The most beautiful scene that ever was

A ray of new life, new day, spilling on my shoulders

From the universe’s hot glowing ball of fire

Solarbeams that touch down on dark soil

It’s a good mythical morning (ha!)

And the rooster calls in anticipation

Of another day full of hard work and progress

On the sprawling fields of wheat and green skinned corn

But there are no roosters here, only in fairy tales I believe

Only the silent song of an uninteresting wake up call

Because technology has rendered the rooster’s call irrelevant

Photo A Week: From the Back

I got multiple shots for the Photo a Week Challenge: From the Back.

A picture I took of a tattoo on the back of a woman’s neck. It’s a sun with a crescent moon layered in it. The moon looks like a baby that’s being swaddled, the sun the mother. It’s interesting what you can photograph when the subject doesn’t know you’re there.

An here’s an Elvis ornament from the back. My make-believe stage concert made with raisin boxes.
Day 116 - Behind the GlassBehind the Glasses


12 image for “Sun” on Google

A blaze of glory
The licking, raging inferno
Innocent from afar
Deadliest bitch
When asked for close-up

Photo 101: Day 9 – Warmth

pumpkin-lights pumpkin-lights-2 pumpkin-lights-4


I walked about a half mile in the brutal freezing cold to create this picture, stringing some leftover pumpkin lights over a jungle gym bar and photographing them from above. These pictures consisting of warm colors are sure to perk me up and induce cozy feelings by a fireplace within me. There wasn’t much sun today but I made up for it by creating some artificial light later on in Photoshop. The yellow of the playground tower and the orange of the pumpkin lights clearly define what warmth is. The translucent material of the pumpkin lights also create different colors that contrast with the yellows, oranges, and blacks.