Three Words. Ten Minutes

Gallagher, apples, exploitation.

A loud crashing noise wakes up a young man named Gallagher at two in the morning. He jumps up in bed, startled, looking around him with wide, sleepy eyes. Gallagher groggily gets out of bed, slips on his slippers, and heads down to the kitchen to see what the matter is. Lying on the table, shattered into a thousand pieces, is the ceiling fan. Gallagher looks at this with utter bewilderment, staring up at the empty void on the ceiling above the table. What could have caused this he doesn’t have the slightest idea.

As Gallagher walks over to the sink, some apples fall on his head.

“What the?”, he exclaims, covering his head, as more apples start to fall from the ceiling.

One of the ceiling tiles is missing and there is a large opening. The apples stop falling and Gallagher peers into the dark hole.

Everything’s quiet. Gallagher listens intently, his hand cupped to his ear. There is a very faint ticking sound coming from somewhere in the dark chamber. Curious, Gallagher goes and gets a chair from the table and sets it under the hole. He climbs up on it and sticks his head through the ceiling. This happens to be the attic as Gallagher can just make out, from the moon light shining through the small window, some boxes and other junk lying around. Nearby are some apples strewn about, some red, some green. One of them has a message on it. Gallagher picks it up and holds it in the light of the kitchen to read it:

“Your fears will be exploited if you continue to try to understand the powerful demons in your mind”

Gallagher is confused by this. Demons? In his mind? What is going on? Where did these apples come from? Just as he completes this thought a loud screeching sound comes from the back of the chamber. Gallagher almost falls off the chair. Something huge with wings comes swooping across the floor and the whole place lights up in a bright yellow glow. Gallagher shields his eyes and peeks through his hands to see what is there. There is something moving in the light. A shadowy something. It is tall and thin. He can’t quite make out its features but then…oh, no…it turns out to something that makes Gallagher’s heart start beating fast. Sweat starts rolling down his face. The thing suddenly looks at Gallagher with black coal eyes and opens it’s foul mouth, revealing a set of very sharp teeth.

Gallagher screams and falls off the chair, hitting his head on the table, going unconscious in a second. The demonic thing sticks its head out of the hole and blinks before swooping down and taking a bite of an apple and leaving the domain.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done