5 Things Thursday – Top 5 Phil Collins Music Videos


Everybody loves a list!

I am starting a new segment on this blog called “5 Things Thursday” where I will make a list of 5 things in a certain category that I choose. This was inspired by a Daily Prompt of the same topic.

The debut week’s list takes a look at five music videos to songs by the legendary Phil Collins, the English drummer and singer. He is one of my all-time favorite singers, packing a versatile range across several genres and being quite personable and humorous as well. He gets creepier and more godly like as the years go on though, as well as going bald prematurely. I was inspired to choose him after hearing the song “Easy Lover” and instantly being blown away again. And he has a boatload of hits. I’m listing my five favorite music videos by him, in no particular order. His videos are known for their minimalism, dark tone, using black and white contrast numerous times, and for incorporating unique techniques.

I present to you…the essential handpicked Phil Collins video list. There are so many other great videos by Collins but I couldn’t include them unless this should be 10 Things Thursday and that ruins the simplicity.

In the Air Tonight 

This is obviously one of the greatest music videos ever because it is so timeless. And when the drum solo kicks in, the song is take to a whole nother level. It’s so simple yet packs so much darkness with 80s like psychedelic filters. Chilling.

Take Me Home 

This video is ironic since the song is about Phil living a humble, unassuming life but he is shown living in Hollywood, being atop Radio City Music Hall, and walking in Times Square.

You’ll Be In My Heart 

The commercial and production value of this video trumps all the rest and being that it was the promotional video for Tarzan, the work put into is a no-brainer. Another video that features Collins simply standing in the center, looking more like the Godfather as everyone walks by. The use of the split screen moving back and forth and showing the world in different ways is what makes this a very unique video. I still have memories of hearing this in the theater in 1999 when the family went to see Tarzan. I think I nearly cried because it was such a heartwarming song.

Another Day In Paradise 

More irony in this bleak looking video, showing the dreadfulness of the poor and hungry to a song about living in paradise. Phil Collins is a genius.

Don’t Lose My Number

And one of the more entertaining and humorous videos in Phil Collins’ career. The video is hard to understand because it goes from a wild west shootout to Collins strutting in a white suit to ninjas fighting. The titular girl, Billy, is never shown or made clear. Still an ingeniously made video that keeps one second guessing and hooked. There is never really an ending, which is the whole point of this funny video.