Changes In the Air

A sign of changes in the trees. Moving toward Autumn.

Going from this
To this

Death is natural…rebirth is imminentchange2
The leaves…stripping off for us

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

Black & White: Abandoned/Alone

I returned to the lonely grave today to get this secular shot…

The power grid in the middle of a vast field is so alone because no one would dare go near it…

This harvested farmland will see no signs of life until next October, when the crops shoot up again…

Alone on a country road…

This lake I visited in the summer of 2013 was very still and quiet. Quite a great place to be alone.


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Abandoned or Alone

WPC: Serenity


Peace of the snowy trees

Beside the electric field

Man’s ingenious interruption

 Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

One Word Photo Challenge: Mint

I decided to expand the photography sector of my blog more and give this challenge a try.

0309 Shamrock

WIN_20140612_165553 (3)




0512 Big Spring Tree

The first picture is of a Shamrock Shake taken in March; it literally is mint flavored. The one below that is me in my Full Keg T-shirt (a favorite of mine). Next are two pictures from the Cascades Falls Park in my hometown. Then, you see the picture of the Ford Fiesta taken in February for my 365 photo project. Finally, there is an explosive shot of a freshly bloomed tree from May which is one of my all time favorites. Since spring is strongly correlated with anything green, the color mint easily comes to mind.

Since this is my first time doing the challenge, I might be a little literal on choosing pictures according to the color ‘mint’.