A Thousand Rainy Years

Hi, My name is Bayleigh Friday, I am currently 20 years old with the terminal lung condition called cystic fibrosis. All my life my Mother has struggled to get me back and forth to my appointments, we come from a low income family and with my mom being single it was very hard to take care of both me, and my two sisters who as well has health issues that are hard to manage . We have moved from Jackson MI,To whitmore lake MI in 2012 to be closer to my specialized doctor for my Declining CF health, I’m raising funds to help me get back and forth to all my apointments which adds up, My mother had difficulty working all her life balancing between my health and enough money for my high calorie food diet and trips back and forth to the hospital, And now that my lung functions are at 33% I’m getting closer to my Double lung transplant.
Once i get on the list my mom is going to have to quit her job to be by my side to support me threw it all, and we wont have any extra income coming in.
We have no where else to turn for funds to help support me and my family.
It would mean the world to me because I always had a hard time growing up and trying to have a normal life with what I have, I would be the most thankful girl in the world for any donation possible.. Thank-you for reading my short story.

  • kept as how it was written, with the many grammar errors

She died today. The doctors didn’t even get her on the list for a double lung transplant, which was needed ASAP. Money was raised on GoFundMe to help the mother pay for hospital expenses but none of it really matters now. I’m sorry that I write another about sad story, another tragedy. She was barely 20 years old with still a long life to live. My youngest sister’s best friend. The what ifs of what could be made of a future life come into play. She could have been anything she wanted to be, like an artist because I heard she was really good at painting and drawing, but an unfortunate illness and being dealt the wrong cards by an uncaring God halted that.

And her body will return to the earth

To refertilize the soil and nurture the green growing plants

Completing the eternal life cycle

Of a thousand rainy years and many more

Now just a memory etched in stone

A young life so fragile and broken

To return in another form or so

And view the world through happier eyes