Shakespearean Love

Injected blood

Body’s hot blood

A stream of truth

Forcing out the

Most secretive answers

From memory bank and

Through the mouth

To open stale air

And the ears

Of his adversary

Solving the hard case

Saving a fragile case

Against his will

For their own selfish

Acts of discovery

He told them everything

About the way she

Stared back into his

Heartless eyes

How he grasped her

Closely and told her

Not to scream

And then by ominous chance

His hand slipped

A deadly serum

Into her pretty neck

And he watched her

Die in his arms

A most tragic scene

Like Romeo and Juliet

In Shakespeare’s final

Act of foolish love

Later on

He would do the same

Just to be with her

In a cold dark room far away

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

Another prompt repeat, my favorite. See my first response over a year ago.