The twinkle in the night

The gleam in the sky

Guiding me, guiding me

Leading me, leading me

Into the pale woods light

And if I lose my place

Among the stars

I’ll follow the unicorn blood

A glistening silver like mercury

Very unlike your’s or our’s


WPC: Twinkle

“As visual creatures, we are drawn to light. For thousands of years, we’ve gathered around fires in the darkness, soothed by the glow of embers, and warmed by the dance of the flames. We revel in the sunshine of summertime. The sparkle of gemstones or moonlight on water inspires us to poetry. The ceremonial use of light has been practiced for centuries, by many religions and for many different kinds of celebrations. We love the light.”

The subtle twinkle of the back of a Blake Shelton CD
CD Light Show
Life-size birthday candle or the streetlight outside my house in the evening?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle