Perfect Harmony

Into the Fog

A harmonious picture of the fog and the winding highway on a serene morning.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Crazy Climate

 photo buriedbench_zps3zfwhddi.jpg

The snow was around for a couple days before melting away as it always does. I didn’t even get a chance to photograph it very well and there was hardly any time to actually shovel the driveway or throw melting salt on the slick ice. It will likely return in late December or January and be a tease. These funny weather patterns have been going on for some time in Michigan. There is always a pre-snow, a little teaser trailer of what is to come, that quickly goes away and doesn’t come back until the real premiere later on, much like Star Wars this year. Think of it as an appetizer before the main entree. The weather is very erratic here and predicting it is like predicting when a red Ford Focus is going to pass you by on the road. As there are many different colored cars in the world and not every one is a Focus, the chances of getting it correct are slim.

My mood with the weather is fairly consistent. If it is cold and wet outside, I’m moody and depressed and turn inward, resorting to more humble affairs indoors. If it’s sunny and hot out, I am more happier and energetic and my thoughts come out a little more bouncy like, inspiration coming in short incoherent bursts. If the weather is just kind of blah and stale, I can be quite the same way and get stuck in a neutral state of boring and believe me, being in a bored state does not produce very good results no matter how hard you try.

Weather wrecks havoc on my immunity system and this is a proven fact by at least 100 scientists – just kidding. Every year around this time, I catch the seasonal cold and my body responds in the oddest way. My eyes get itchy, my throat gets sore, and even my hair starts to fall out of place or dry out. The increased stress on my body also brings out a bad case of skin breakout. Going outside in the dead of winter one day and then going outside to a summer like December has a way of messing up your system. Like the ear infection I’ve had for at least a week now which has made even writing with a quality flair difficult because of my annoyance of it wrecking my train of thought.

That picture above is one that has been floating around this blog for some time now. I took it last year in January and it’s probably the best original representation of winter that I have come up with so far, mostly because I am too lazy to get another one. The picture also goes well with the snow that is falling on my page. The snow is falling because I still have the feature turned on from last year and I have forgotten where the place is to turn it off. Why bother with it I guess.

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In Response to the Daily Prompt: Climate Control

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

Nature’s Immortality

Last night, a raging storm was happening outside my front door. I went outside into the thunder and rain to take pictures of the sight. First I was going out there barefoot with no coat on, retreating back inside to fix my error. I have to say I’m the only one around here who does any kind of photo taking, feeling the extreme loneliness but peace of calm about being able to explore my hobby without distractions, everyone else staying inside like the boring souls they always are.
Into the Storm
Into the Storm PTDC0046Into the StormSunset Over WaterDark SkiesI couldn’t get any lightning strikes because I can never anticipate them coming, unless I start counting after each sound of thunder but that’s still tedious and boring. I tried counting but gave up after over 120 counts.

We are mortal to nature’s force,
Can’t control the skies,
Underneath lightning and rains,
The call of the heavens cries

Humans, mere beings,
The cosmos, extreme seeing
Short lifespans we are,
The skies live on for millennia,
By and behold more powerful, by far

I heard the thunder roar,
Saw the crack, the electric bolt
Feeling slightly afraid,
But brave I was, tall and bold

Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door and DP: Finite Creatures (2)

I responded to this prompt back in October 2014 when I was just starting out as a consistent blogger. Check it out here.

One Word Photo Challenge: Storm


Rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down



It may have been just a light rainstorm in which I captured photos for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge this week, but nevertheless, I captured the beauty and essence of rain/water.

During another one of my photography walks around the park, rain falling on my head, I captured scenes that would describe what a storm is like.  The raindrops on the leaves left after the light rainstorm, a few clinging to the last reds of Spring. The flag reflecting in the puddle left on the ground. The water rushing into the stormdrain at a ferocious rate. It was quite a dreary moment, my head getting soaked, and the place quite silent except for some cars passing through the puddles on the road, making splashing sounds as I walked by on the sidewalk, hoping to not get drenched in humility.

The last picture is of an oncoming storm from last year. The clouds overhead are monstrous and cast a gloomy shadow over the city below.

There happens to be a storm occurring right now just outside my window. I wish I could provide a soundbite of it.