Morning Snack


Some milk and mini Oreo cookies from this morning, because you can’t resist the dunk ’ems, but hey, that’s just me.

In Response to the photo prompt: Morning

Cherry on Top


What could be better than a huge icecream sundae? The history of putting a cherry on top of the icecream mountain probably goes way back to the early 1900s, when icecream parlours, barstool soda shoppes, and Wurlitzer jukeboxes were huge. I usually eat the cherry last, as a lasting momento of the delicious entree I just ate, the appetizing reward you may say. Maraschino cherries are the best – biting into the juicy red bulb, tasting the sweet syrup, and leaving the stem behind on the table for the waitress to clean up later.

Cherry on Top


The reflective details in the water…

 photo pool3_zpsbnn7vy37.jpg
 photo pool2_zpsegq4zzom.jpg

 photo glaswall5_zpsmwfp8dgf.jpg

The reflective details of this wall of glass look like kaleidoscopes…

 photo reflections2_zpsopjni8ww.jpg


 photo reflections3_zpsdugvnxef.jpg


 photo glass_zpsywvtanaq.jpg

Closer still…

 photo glass2_zpslzjg3aw2.jpg

The closest…

 photo glass4_zpsebzhblzc.jpg
This one looks like a green monster with a red skirt on.


Lateness of the Hour

Darkness in daylight

The darkness consumes my soul

Buried in its presense

Dangerously daring

Under the pale moonlight

Look Up

Hot and Cold

July is hot but the ice cream is cold as always. The hot weather and cold food clash in the open. These pictures are from the Frosty Boy, a favorite summer attraction since the 1970s.


Pairing Prose


Salt and pepper go together

Like night and day

The sun and the moon

Ronaldo and Messi

Mint julep to Derby

Branson to Virgin

Julia to food

Blitzkrieg to German

Partners #2

© Macbofisbil

Partners By Chance


This is the only photo of me and Amy back in 2008 at a pizza parlor. She was the first and I’ve glad I got to share some great memories with her. It was by chance that I met her at a silly high school dance – I was in the right place at the right time, on the outskirts, for her to spot me and ask me to be hers, because for some reason I looked desirable from afar and she said I danced well, if you could even judge it in the dark. None of this would have happened, none of those moments on the porch swing, not those late night phone chats, not that first kiss, if I had ditched that dance and instead concentrated on other things – but I was a guy on a mission that night and came away with what I was looking for – even if I wasn’t expecting anything to really happen but a forgettable homecoming.


Banana Power


The banana tree

Blown by winds pours raindrops

Into the bucket

WPC: Curve



Nothing But Blue Skies

In the midst of the mass shootings in Orlando, let’s remember that the world is still a beautiful place and you can still step outside your door and appreciate the view.

Pure, Earth