The fire in my eyes

Says I want you more than ever

I’ll never let go, even in stormy weather

My life is incomplete

Without you to inspire

Baby, you’re my number one

My fire-us desire


Fire-us desire

Gonna take me higher

Fire us desire

The dreamscape’s choir

Fire us desire

Can’t shake off the longing

Fire us desire

Please don’t say the wrong things


Now I’m calling, texting you

Every single night

Hoping that you answer

And make my happiness right

Cause I feel a little lost

And falling into fire

And you are my compass

My fire-us desire


And when the world crumbles down

I’ll still be around

To help you through the pain

Because we belong together

It was written in the stars

Let’s get off this broken planet

And live forever…on Mars


An original song

The Changing

My whole world is changing

Things aren’t the way they used to be

I feel the past slipping away

And the future calling for me

My dreams must not stay dreams

They must come true some day

For I am more than just a number

Uniquely I am

Ready to launch

Away from that vanilla sea

Of monotony and boredom

But the gravity will always

Bring me back down

In the very end



Instagram Five 2/28/17

Some really good posts from my Instagram feed today:

Instagram opens up an entire new world for me, inspiring me everyday with people’s life stories.

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Share Your World 2016 Week 37

Image result for pet rock

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

I’ve owned a bunch of rocks, a whole box of them I found in a lake. Pet rocks were a popular fad back in the 1970s, being sold in boxes at the store and people were dumb enough to pay for one. The Pet Rock company started by Gary Dahl made him an instant millionaire, but not without backlash and threats from buyers at him at how they were duped into such a ridiculous scheme.

What is your greatest strength or weakness?

My greatest strength is not caring what anyone says. I’m my own person. My greatest weakness is being able to play sports.

What makes you feel grounded? 

Being at home or at least in a place that doesn’t feel like a prison.

Would you rather never be able to eat warm food or never be able to eat cold food?

I would get tired of eating cold food after a while and wouldn’t want to live without a warm meal once in a while.

Share Your World 2016 Week 37

Be Together. Not the Same.

A picture of many different feet I took a couple years ago

The world is an interesting place. With over 7 billion people on the planet, there is never a shortage of stories and knowledge to go around. If someone could round up all of the people in the world and put them in one large open space, and then ask everyone one of them to write an interesting fact about themselves on a giant board, there would be an entire book written (at least by those that could write).

If we were all the same, nothing would get done. It’s our mission to paint the world with many different colors. We do not own this planet – we are merely renting it until we die. The world is our playground and we continue to shape it into whatever we want.

Android’s tagline is Be Together. Not the Same. Not everyone can be a Zuckerberg or Oprah. You don’t have to force yourself to fit in to be popular. Be the most unique person and you will be rewarded with a rich and rewarding life. Be a part of the dance but don’t dance the same dance, if that makes any sense.


For some reason, my domain name doesn’t work anymore. I got an error message saying “’s DNS server could not be found” and couldn’t access my blog site. I tried fixing this but don’t have access to the complicated code files so I ended up going back to the .wordpress domain everything worked again.

Superman’s Failure

Photo credit: Gareth Simpson

Washing the world of sin

Pushing myself off the sidelines

Like the Superman I dream of

Achieving the impossible

Working wonders for the poor

While preserving the rich that

Act as the turning cogs of society

But even as the Man of Steel

Not everything, everyone could be saved

As it takes more than one person

To make the world a better place

And more than one time a distressed citizen

Would be calling out for help while me,

The greatest human ever lived,

Would be on the other end of a busy signal

I found this great article on Quora about how Superman comes to accept that he can’t possibly save everyone, but can try to shape the world in his favor. He would presumably have to use every power known to him to keep the world at peace, fighting crime everyday, subjecting himself to the horrors and demises of the human population.

I see homeless people on street corners every day, holding up signs asking for food and money. It’s always a quick drive by them, because I don’t believe in this kind of helpless begging. There are many ways to get help in this world, such as going to food banks or making money by giving plasma (if you are healthy enough). The only things these helpless vagabonds will mostly likely do,  according to me, if anyone ever gave them money was buy drugs or alcohol with it because they don’t have the support to actually go and make their lives better. They are already depressed enough and don’t have any structure.

Outside of the car, I’ve walked by these kinds of people on the street, and the only thing I can do is try to offer my piece of sympathy for them and only hope that they find happiness some day. Maybe if I had lots of money, I could help the poor, get the beggar off the street and buy them a house, get them a job. Of course, even all of that wouldn’t change who they really are inside and they would likely go back to the same self-destructing lifestyle and end up homeless again. In the end, some people just can’t be helped because they like others to feel sadness and pity for them. They want to believe that God can save them and will do anything they can to preach that to the world. Giving them money and food only serves to boost their pathetic neediness and that’s something I don’t want to be apart of.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy 

The World Through My Eyes


It’s nice to look back and see how far we’ve come and with blogging that is an interesting thing, indeed. Not everyone started off great and may have some traction now while some stormed right out of the gate and haven’t looked back since – your perpetual “superstars”.

My blog’s title was originally just ‘macbofisbil’ in lowercase letters (an aesthetic reason), that acronym that has survived for almost three years now. My tagline was “It’s the story of my life, man”, signifying my attempt to provide a day or week by week account of my adventures. When I started this blog, I used the default WordPress theme given to me for my first two posts and took my blog truly by the reigns and switched to the minimalistic and big text Twenty Thirteen theme. That theme worked out pretty well for me in the months that I used it, motivating me and allowing me to tap into my inner creativity (that may had gone way over the top). Over time though, I realized my blog was starting to fail and becoming quite boring and unfocused, and after months of dismal activity and zero engagement, a change was desperately needed. In August 2014, in order to maybe motivate myself to blog better, I dropped the .wordpress from my domain and then owned my site but I still didn’t have much enthusiasm because blogging seemed like such a difficult thing to partake in. That was when late September 2014 came around.

It was that day in the final weeks of September where I finally hit the consistent posting style that I never had the will to reach before. Along came the Daily Prompt, a wonderful device that I had no idea existed during my first year of blogging, and which opened the doors to a whole new world. It was a godsend, I tell you. With a new theme set (the Twenty Fourteen “magazine” theme) and a fresh start ahead, I had confidence I was going to start using WordPress for real. Shortly after responding to that very first Prompt (which I was a little rusty at), and receiving my very first comment and a number of followers, I decided to change my blog’s title to ‘this is my journey’ in a new approach to refocus my blog around my life and the road I have traveled so far. And the new approach worked, with the last part of September and future months dwarfing my previous run of bloggings views, likes, comments, and followers in comparison.

The World Through My Eyes started sometime in December. I decided to change my previous title to that because it was too narrow focused in my opinion. I chose The World Through My Eyes because of my growing interest in photography and exploring different techniques. I just thought it was a much stronger name and had more opportunity with it. My opinions of the world were an important factor in me choosing that title because I felt I was becoming a more well rounded blogger and would be able to touch on a variety of topics with it, either in just passing form or more detailed. That title has a couple of meanings to it, in fact. It could mean how I look at the world and all the stuff that is happening and how I interpret it in my own words; the pictures I take that describe how I live and attempt to paint my personality; and my struggles living with autism and other disabilities that make me have to take a much different and more difficult approach to moving up in this world, the toughest part being that I can’t drive, having never received my license or even taken my road test, one reason for that being that I have one bad eye that I hardly see out of and makes looking to the side and back of me a struggle.

I think I’m going to keep myself settled with the name of ‘The World Through My Eyes’ because it is a strong and enduring title and just has so much more universal magic to it than simply using my pen name or ‘this is my journey’ which was a little self-centered in my opinion. Oh, and the Sorbet theme I’m using right now is another reason why I want to stick with this name because it complements it so well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Walk the 180 Degree Line

180 Degrees – The straight and narrow path

I used to follow the world around

Walking their neatly laid out line

But that got quite annoying

So I decided to try my own kind

Now I wake up excited every morning

Ready to make some hay

The presidential elections

As always:

Neither side do I sway

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.”

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

In Living Color

I now present to you
My world in brilliant color
Seen through kaleidoscope lenses
Taking in all shapes and sizes, rivers, mountains, and slopes
Like an aperture, letting in light shielded in darkness
This beautiful land, though poured with concrete
Green earth and human conscience
The sense of it all, contained within
My mind and body
Together an adventure across fantasy lands
A Minecraft experience
Survival of the best
Thought provoking experiment
Learn and relearn
Build and rebuild
Lifetime worth of images circulating
Recalling and restoring
Since it is the world through my eyes
And everyday’s a story

P.S. – I have become addicted to the game “Minecraft”, an open world game that lets you build things and try to survive!

WPC: It’s A Big, Big World…


I thought it would be interesting to take another long walk into my favorite forest spot, now with snow going up just below my knees. I found this little guy, I like to call him Mr. Tufkins, and placed him on a fallen tree limb. He began to admire the huge, magnificent scene before him, the snow, in his eyes, stretching for miles around, like a cold desolate planet he so happened to crash land on. He asked me what I was doing with that weird snapping device in my hands, me going around him, crouching down low in the freeze; I told him kindly that I was taking pictures for another Weekly Photo Challenge. And so he grinned, puffed himself up, and posed nicely in the thin bed of limb snow, gazing at the big world before him, so vulnerable and innocent and full of charmed wonder.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale