WPC: Ducks on the Pond

Day 170
Which duck will bring you luck?

Duck, duck, goose
Who will lose?
Not me, I thought
But this old game from childhood
Still resonates in my mind
Never again to be seen
And that is just fine

Ducks on the pond
A little game at the fair
Toss a ring
Ring a duck
Win a prize
It’s all dumb luck

What do you get?
Nothing that special
Maybe a big stuffed bear
Maybe a bouncy hammer
Stuff, in my ripe age
Could care less about
Might tease around a bit
And then throw out

I love going to the fair
Being part of all the fun raucous
But as far as those carnies
Getting me to play their silly games
Like duckies featured here
Well, let me tell you
How I will simply save my money
For another year

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow II

WPC: And They Were All Yellow

PTDC0015 (3)

Yellow sun
Brightest day
The life thrives, basking in the heat
While I capture its essence
With high energy and sprite on my feet

PTDC0015 (2)

But then the world was devoid of all color
Except Dystopia’s stale stone grey
But it was still beautiful
Even if yellow had gone away

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow